What’s All This, Then?

WalkLeft, the Podcast is a Toronto-focussed performing arts program.

Its aim is to provide an avenue for arts creators to talk about their process and to promote their work. Third-party previews and press releases communicate the facts about a production, but a preview interview is more like World Wide Word-of-mouth. The podcast’s host, Marty Chodorek, is an arts ‘wingman’, introducing the people and the project to potential audience members.

If you’re creating something for patrons of the arts or fellow performing artists, all you have to do is tell Marty about it in a casual, conversational setting. He’ll then use the magic of the internet to let everyone listen in at their convenience.

More about Marty

Toronto born-and-bred, Marty Chodorek is a graduate of Ryerson Theatre School. Over the last decade, he has worked as an actor, director, stage manager, sound designer, and producer. He is a founding member of Toronto’s geekiest theatre company, Monkeyman Productions, and served as that organization’s artistic director for two years.

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